Elaso lives

Anniversary aperitif by Gina Perez: The Elaso thanks for your support for 15 years! (2019)
The Elaso Christmas apero - a little different this year! (2018)
The birthday of the company Elaso is celebrated properly. First with a flag-raising of three generations: Bruno Jeker, Silvan Jeker and Christian Jeker. Then it continued with music, food and dance (pictures below)
A lot of chicken for a hungry crew
With music, dancing, beer and wine are we celebrating the anniversary of Elaso AG
50 years Elaso AND 50 years Margot and Bruno. Happy Anniversary! (2017)
With team, ship and apero over Lake Biel, because we are celebrating 50 years of Elaso! (2017)
With a smile and a lot of fun through the Twanner vineyards
Excursion into the green! The Elaso team explores St. Peters Island
A special cake for a special day - 30 years Elaso for Michele Mantello.
Thank you for your commitment!
In addition to everyday life, sometimes steam must be drained off -
where is that better than on the racetrack?
Co-Karting Roggwil