Grinding Driver

A grinding driver is a system for clamping shafts on a cylindrical grinding machine, wherein the rotational movement of the spindle is transmitted to the workpiece. The workpiece is usually held between the tips. The Schleifmitnehmer replaces the classic turning heart. We distinguish between mechanical and pneumatic grinding drivers.

Standard Types


In the case of a mechanical grinding driver, the clamping jaws are automatically opened by the start of the spindle and closed when the spindle is stopped. In some cases, it may happen that the jaws do not open automatically. In such cases, an opening of the clamping jaws can be forced by the return rotation of the spindle. By attaching a cylinder, the mechanical grinding driver can be fully automated.


The center grip is available in different sizes and therefore with different clamping ranges. The floating jaws do not push the workpiece out of the center, thus favoring concentricity.



In contrast to the cgm and agm, no change of the clamping jaws is necessary with this grinding driver with changing size of the workpieces. Due to the large clamping range of 35mm a chaotic assembly is possible. In which area the 35mm must be, can be adjusted individually.


In the case of a pneumatic grinding driver, the clamping jaws close by spring pressure and open pneumatically by an air pressure of 2.5 bar. The control of the air valve can be operated on the one hand by the machine control or manually, for example by a foot pedal.


The Autogrip is available in different sizes. With only three jaw sets per grinding driver, a clamping range of 40mm can be covered.

special products

In addition to the standard products, the Elaso takes on new challenges and develops a suitable grinding driver for you.