Eliminating of vibration on grinding machines


Various factors such as the tolerance of a grinding wheel bore or deviations in the homogeneity, parallelism and concentricity of the grinding wheel lead to imbalance. The disturbing vibrations can be minimized with the aid of the balancing systems we manufacture. We offer manual, semi-automatic and fully automated solutions to minimize vibration on grinding machines.

complete system

Our balancing systems can be assembled modularly according to your own requirements. The following picture shows a possible system with two machine spindles.

Balancing Calculator ebm100

The balance calculator is a manual balancing system and calculates the weight positions on grinding wheel flanges for optimum balancing results. It consists of a scale ring and manually adjustable weights, a vibration transducer and an interface for displaying the measured data. The vibration sensor measures the vibrations on the machine while the grinding wheel is rotating. The measured data is compared with the target value and the interface provides information on how the weights must be shifted in order to eliminate the vibrations.

Balance Calculator ebm100

Balancing Head

The balancing heads from Elaso are first-class quality products for the dynamic balancing of rotating grinding wheels. In these devices, the weights are not attached to a flange, but mounted on a balancing head fixed to the spindle nose or directly into the spindle. The balancing heads are subdivided according to type in built-in and cultivation balancing heads. There is a pantograph for every balancing head. The pantograph is responsible for transmitting the electrical power from the power source to the balancing head. Elaso AG offers pantographs in wired as well as non-contact form.

Standard components of balancing systems

External balancing head ebb

The extension jacks of the Elaso optimize the grinding results of their products and extend the life of the grinding wheels. The balancing heads can be used on almost all grinding machines. They are attached to the spindle nose of the grinder with a machine-specific adapter flange. The buckets ebb are available in different sizes and with different balancing capacities. 

Internal balancing head ebe and ebz

The Elaso built-in balancing heads can be used in grinding machines with corresponding spindle bores. In the category of built-in balance heads, we distinguish the position of the weights. The weights can be arranged side by side (type ebz), as well as on top of each other (type ebe). Depending on the type of machine and spindle, the built-in balance head could be particularly interesting because the tumbling of the balancing head is prevented by the superimposed weights.

External Balancing Head with Collector
External Balancing Head with Collector
Internal Balancing Head with Collector
Internal Balancing Head with Collector

Vibration Transducer

The vibration transducer is the heart of the balancing system. High-precision sensors measure the vibration of the machine caused by the imbalance of the grinding wheel, processed and displayed by the balancing electronics. 

Vibration Sensor vas105
Vibration Sensor vas005

Balancing Electronics

The balancing electronics is the interface between man and technology. The device is the computer which moves and places the weights on the balancing head until the tolerated unbalance of the grinding wheel is reached.

GAP / Balance Electronics ebg1500
GAP / Balance Electronics ems1100